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Office Buildings

Boardwalk I & II

Boardwalk I & II buildings are four and five-story office buildings located in North Fayette Township near the Mall at Robinson development. Once completed, they will provide over 220,000 square feet of leasable tenant space.

Constructed entirely from steel, the structure utilizes open-web steel joists and beams supporting steel roof deck as the roof framing and structural composite steel beams supporting concrete slabs-on-deck as the floor framing. Stair towers and elevator shafts were framed with steel and shaftwall systems to eliminate the use of masonry to expedite the construction schedule and reduce costs. The lateral system combines traditional fully restrained moment frames with unique exterior braced frames to reduce costs while maximizing views of the surrounding area. Steel columns transfer all loads to the shallow reinforced concrete foundation system. With part of the site bearing on weathered rock and other parts bearing on improved soil, spread footings were able to be used throughout.

Through close coordination with the Design Team, KSS was able to help provide an economic and aesthetically pleasing building within budget and on time.

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